Winter Field Day 2017

Dear OMs,

Jim McKnight and I have decided to activate the Wilton EMS HQ for Winter Field Day this weekend, January 28-29, 2017. Our equipment rarely gets exercised, and we need to be sure it works if/when it is needed for an emergency. We’ll set up one (maybe two) station(s) using the club’s IC-706s, TS-440, and/or TenTec Omni. Of course we’ll try out our tri-band beam at 180-ft, and we’ll have a Comet vertical for 80 and 40 meters when 20/15/10 close down at night…

We see this as an abbreviated FD event, the main purpose of which is to test equipment and give out points to real outdoor FD stations. We don’t plan to operate for 24 hrs; a few hours on Saturday and a few more on Sunday. FD runs from 2pm Saturday til 2pm Sunday.

If you’d like to come and play, please join us. It will be a relaxed, low-pressure event that anyone can enjoy. We’ll be inside where it’s warm, and we’ll probably be using battery power for a few bonus points. We plan to arrive around noon on Saturday, and who knows on Sunday.

Let’s see how this works! If it all falls apart, we’ll have learned something anyway.


Peter – W2BEW

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