Sparks from the Spa Newsletter – October 2023

Hello all,

Attached is the October issue of the Sparks from the Spa Newsletter. I hope you enjoy it.

I urge you all to join our GROUPS.IO group. You will get more and fresher club information faster than I publish newsletters. Simply send an email to K2DLL+subscribe@groups.IO

Also, we are looking for a new editor for the newsletter. I have done this job for too many years and I want a break, seeing as I have other club duties. Send an email to any of the officers listed on the last page of the newsletter.

Jim KG2H

Sparks from the Spa Newsletter – July 2023

Hi All.

Happy 4th of July.

Here is the Sparks from the Spa Newsletter for July.  It contains information about our June meeting, and also a summary of our club’s Field Day effort.  (Spoiler, it was great)

Remember that we take July and August off from in person meetings.  Our next in person meeting is Monday September 11 at the Fire Training Center.

We need commitments for help at the hamfest on September 9, contact Fred W2EMS, ( W2EMS@ARRL.NET )

Jim KG2H

Sparks from the Spa Newsletter – June 2023

Hello all,

Here is this month’s Sparks from the Spa Newsletter.  It has very important information about this month’s meeting.  Please be sure to read it.

The top item of interest is a change in venue (this month only) for the monthly meeting. In Brief. It is sill the normal time, 7:00 PM on June 12, but we will be meeting at the Paul Lent Public Safety building on the county complex instead of the Fire Training Center.

There are also other articles of interest in there for your reading pleasure.

Jim KG2H