Repeaters and Sponsored Amateur Radio Systems

K2DLL voice repeaters

443.300 MHz +5 MHz Normally linked to reflector 069C.
448.925 Mhz PL 107.2 Hz
147.240 Mhz PL 91.5 Hz
147.000 Mhz 91.5 Hz PL

Spruce Mountain near Corinth, NY

  • 147.000 MHz +600KHz 91.5 Hz CTCSS encode/decode. Linked to 147.240 MHz repeater via the UHF repeater.
  • 448.225 MHz -5.00 MHz 91.5 Hz CTCSS encode/decode. It is an open repeater used for linking.

Town of Providence near Middle Grove, NY

  • 147.240 MHz 91.5 Hz CTCSS encode/decode. It is linked to 147.000 MHz by the linking repeater on 448.225 MHz
  • 147.360 MHz +600 Hz is located on a tower owned by Joanna, N2QFT, and Dick, KD2DXQ. If you don’t use CTCSS, it operates as a local, but wide area repeater. If you send 91.5 Hz CTCSS, then you are going out on the New York State Network, which is a system of repeaters across upstate New York. The repeater also has a weather receiver with a WD-100 decoder to rebroadcast urgent watches and warnings.

 Middleburgh, NY

  • 448.925 PL 107.2 WA2TTP-R. Our K2DLL 448.225 repeater also links with Steve’s UHF Repeater in Middleburgh.

K2DLL weak signal beacons

The beacons are located on the tower with the 147.240 MHz repeater. The frequencies are:

  • 144.290 MHz
  • 222.050 MHz
  • 903.060 MHz
  • 1296.3 MHz

All beacons send “de wa2umx/b fn23xc” via CW around 5 words per minute

WA2UMX DStar repeater

At the site of the 147.375 MHz repeater in the Helderbergs near Berne, NY, the club supports a DStar repeater WA2UMX-B on 443.300 MHz +5 MHz which is normally linked to reflector 069C.


At the site of the 147.000 MHz repeater is an APRS digipeater K2DLL-2 on 144.390 MHz 1200baud.

All of the club’s repeaters are tied into K2DLL-R on EchoLink.

EchoLink commands

If you are on the radio side of the K2DLL repeater system, here are the commands that are available to connect to various stations, etc:

Connect to a node: 5 5 node number
Echolink id: * *
System status: 0 8
Disconnect: # #
Reconnect to last station: 0 9
Connect to random node: 0 0
Connect to random link: 0 1
Connect to random user: 0 3

More information about EchoLink is available.

K2DLL Winlink

The club is part of the Winlink system. We maintain K2DLL-10 RMS, remote mail server, on 145.050 MHz 1200baud. The system is located on the Wilton EMS tower. It can be accessed on direct or via the Mt. Greylock digipeater K1FFK or via the Prospect Mountain digipeater, W2WCR-7, near Lake George.

All information is current as of August 2016. Thanks to Jim, K2LM.