Unusual August Meeting – August 8, 2016

SCARA will hold an UNUSUAL August meeting at the Wilton Emergency Squad, on Monday, August 8, 2016, at 7 PM (not the usual 7:30).  The topic for the meeting will be our annual hamfest.  

As you may know, we have been severely affected by the Boxboro hamfest moving its date to the weekend of our hamfest.  Our hamfest WILL be held on Sunday, Sept 11 as planned, but our vendor list has been severely affected. 

The purpose of this club meeting will be to get your thoughts and ideas, have volunteers make commitments and sign up for assignments.  I am attaching the hamfest flyer, Please pass it along to all you ham friends. We need as much word of mouth advertising as we can get.  

Please be sure to come.

Thanks and I will see you there.

Jim KG2H

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