Two Public Service Events Need Help

We have two Public Service events coming up that volunteers are needed for:

The first is this Sunday, October 9th. Karen, KS2O, is in need of three more volunteers. Please if you are available, e-mail her at The weather Sunday looks good, partly sunny and upper 60’s.

The second Public Service event is the Annual Pumpkin Patrol on both October 30 and 31st (yes it’s two nights). Lots of operators are needed. This is a NYS State Police sponsored event and it behooves us to put on a good showing! This is an enjoyable evening, refreshments being delivered throughout the Capital District, sometimes alternate rag chewing nets are going on simultaneously, but meanwhile everyone is protecting NYS Thruway traffic from trash thrown onto the highway from the overpasses. Again, please let Karen, KS2O, know if you can help one or both evenings:

I urge everyone to participate in Public Service events when possible. These nets not only help us become better operators in the event of a real emergency, they are also high profile and show professional agencies our abilities.

There is no need to respond to me directly if you can not help, thanks.

73 de
John Fritze

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