Hamfest 2016 Presentations and Demonstrations

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Find out what’s new by attending one of our “how-to” presentations and demonstrations held during the hamfest.  These events are held in the open building directly behind the Club Table — with the exception of the foxhunt and the antenna launching demo, which are held outside on the fairgrounds.

Schedule of Hamfest Demos and Activities

9 am—Raspberry Pi and DVMega Projects and Beyond

Tom, AC2IE will demonstrate a dual-mode DStar/DMR hotspot based on a Raspberry Pi and a DVMega. The RPi also incorporates a safe shutdown switch needed for portable, headless operation as well as a 2.4-inch color display.  G4KLX’s MMDVMHost software configuration will be briefly discussed.

9:45 am—Remote operation of your home HF station

Steve, WA2TTP will demonstrate two methods of remote operation used from Florida and Hawaii with very good results. The first setup uses a Kenwood TS-480sat in conjunction with the Remoterig internet interface that can be used without computers at either end. It also allows you to have the radio control head at the remote location. The second setup will operate a Kenwood TS-590SG remotely using a laptop running Kenwood’s free software.  Pros and cons of each will be discussed

10:30 am—Intro to ARES, RACES and EmComm

Fred, W2EMS will provide an overview of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and how they are deployed to support government agencies with Emergency Communications. Fred will also cover the basic ARRL and FEMA courses and certificates to obtain as you get up to speed. He can also sign you up as a member to help out whenever the need arises.

11:15 am—NBEMS and FLDIGI operation for emergency situations

Emergency communication today often requires data transmission of sensitive information, as well as voice traffic.   Red Cross and hospitals often need privacy for the files they share. Frank, KA5VVI will show how Narrow-Band Emergency Messaging System and Fast, Light Digital software are used to quickly and accurately send all types of data files among sites involved. FLDIGI can handle PSK, RTTY, MT63, and other digital modes — even CW.

12 noon—Foxhunt on the Fairgrounds

Meet at the Club Table before noon, set your VHF rig for 146.52, and test your skills at locating the crafty Fox — periodically transmitting WA2UMX in CW. Leave the Fox where it is, then hurry back to the Club Table to check in. Hope you’re first!

12:30 am—Olympics of Antenna-Launching Devices

What’s the best way to hang an antenna from a tree? Hams have used bows and arrows, thrown objects, slingshots, shotguns (no!) and now pneumatic launchers. KA5VVI and friends will demonstrate some of their favorites and try to show what method sends a projectile highest and farthest. Stand back and watch the fun!

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