Field Day Setup on Friday, June 23

Good Evening.

It’s a big weekend coming up, Field Day !!

We need you to come on out to help with operating, setup, and teardown. It’s all happening at the Wilton Emergency Squad building, off of Jone’s Road in Wilton. Here’s the schedule:

Friday (tomorrow 6/23): Please show up at the beginning of the setup: We will be starting around Noon and will work for a few hours, most likely we will quit around 4 or 5 PM (or until the spirit stops moving us)

Saturday 6/24: We will start in the morning between 8 and 9 to finish up the setup of antennae and stations. Lunch is served around noon, cooking by Dave NR2J. The actual field on-air operation starts at 2 PM. we are planning on running 3 A, so we will have main 3 stations operating, one extra GOTA (get on the air) station for new hams who want to dip their toes, and one other additional station running on VHF, (primary on 6 meters). that means we have 5 stations that you can operate on. This goes on for 24 hours until 2 PM on Sunday. We need a lot of operators over the 24 hours

Sunday 6/25: Starting at 2 PM, the on-air portion stops, and we take it all down, it usually comes down a lot faster then it goes up!!

FOOD: as I indicated above, we are having barbecue Saturday at noon, and Saturday evening. We are asking if you can bring a salad to share with the group, it would greatly be appreciated.

I hope you can come out and join us for at least a few hours over the weekend.


Jim KG2H

2 thoughts to “Field Day Setup on Friday, June 23”

  1. An address for the Building so I can program my GPS and maybe a talk in frequency would have been a huge plus

    73 K2HAT

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