Sparks from the Spa Newsletter – November 2017

2017 Field Day tower

Hello All

I hope you’re keeping warm! The last couple of days have been very chilly. We had not had a frost at my house until the night of election day. Having outdoor tomato plants green and healthy until November 7 has to be some kind of record.

Don’t forget that this Monday, Nov is our regular club meeting. Our scheduled speaker has cancelled at the last minute, and as of right now, I am unsure of the program.

Attached is the November issue of Sparks from the Spa Newsletter. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a bit of information for those of you interested in the new 630 meter band. If you have an 80 or 160 meter antenna, you might want to give a listen. The announcement says Nov 11, but does not give UTC times.

– Jim KG2H

630-Meter Special Operating Event on November 11 Commemorates Berlin Treaty From ARRL

Amateur Radio operators will descend upon 630 meters on November 11 during a special operating event to commemorate the 1906 Berlin Treaty, which made 500 kHz the International Distress Frequency on November 3 of that year. US radio amateurs recently gained access to 630 meters, but must have notified the Utilities Technology Council (UTC) of their intent to operate and either received explicit approval or not heard anything for 30 days in order to participate.

Four different groups will take part: US radio amateurs, US Part 5 Experimental operators, Canadian radio amateurs, and the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS). Canadian and authorized US radio amateurs will operate from 472 to 479 kHz, using CW.

Some stations are expected to offer cross-band contacts, transmitting on 630 meters and listening on 160, 80, and 40 meters. Part 5 Experimental operators, including WD2XSH stations and others who don’t yet have UTC approval, will operate in the 472-479 kHz band or just outside of it, and there may be some operation on 500 kHz proper.

The Maritime Radio Historical Society will activate its KSM/KPH transmitter at Bolinas, California, for a mini “Night of Nights” with special messages and bulletins.

— Thanks to Fritz Raab, W1FR