SwapFest 2020 – March 14

[graphic of assorted ham gear in box]March is our annual Swapfest meeting. The Swapfest is Saturday, March 14, at the Cooperative Extension building in Ballston Spa.

Remember this Swapfest is just a fun time. We don’t charge admission, so we don’t make any money from it. Its a “Spring is Coming” celebration.

After the Swapfest, we are holding a Test Session at Noon. I get a lot of questions about what to bring to the session. I am attaching a list of test session requirements with suggestions to bring to the test session. Again, feel free to pass it along to anyone who wants to participate. Just one note on that document. While the FCC is presently accepting the Social Security number on Form 605, the rule will be changing so that an FRN will be the only valid ID that they accept in that box on the form, so it is best for new applicants to actually get an FRN from the FCC.

Also don’t forget, because of the Swapfest on Saturday, we WILL NOT be holding our normal monthly meeting on Monday, March 9.

I hope to be seeing you at the Swapfest.

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