Saratoga County (A)mateur (R)adio (E)mergency (S)ervice ARES was restarted by Dave Atwell, N2FEP, in June of 1988 at the request of the Section Emergency Coordinator Bob Schapps, due to the lack of contact with anyone north of Albany and to organize people in the area if possible.

Dave took the job to get an active core of ARES members in our area with hopes that it would rise in others. That is happening slowly. Dave, Bob and many other hams from our area and other parts of the country formulated what we now operate. Dave looks at ARES as the fire department of amateur emergency communications. These are the hams that have agreed to extensive training in net operations and willing to assist without question any time they are called upon by the E/C (Emergency Coordinator) for the county, which at this time is N2FEP.

We also actively participate in the Skywarn program provided by the National Weather Service. They have provided many hours of training for our group. The information given by amateurs in weather emergencies is very important to the weather service. Without amateur input, lives can and would be lost as they would not get the proper warnings out in time to the general public.

ARES / RACES Members

There is a location for all ARES/RACES information with an email that you can sign up for that will give you direct information on training scheduled and other ham radio information related to our group. Please go to the following website and register so that you get a direct email for training and cancellation information.

Saratoga County ARES/RACES on Yahoo Groups

This link will take you to the website where you can request being a member and getting emails from the site. Myself and N2VLS take great pains to make sure that you do NOT get spammed from here or inappropriate information. We have had issues of that type but it seems to be under control at present. Please go there to register.
Dave Atwell, N2FEP

Emergency Operations Plan

Here is the latest Emergency Operations Plan for the Saratoga County ARES / RACES group. Members of these groups should download this document and be current in its content.